Now you can use Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) from your .NET applications the same way as any other relational database - via LINQ queries. SSAS can execute a query that aggregates and joins very large volumes of data in a fraction of a second. You will not need to work on pre-aggregating and de-normalizing any of your relational tables any more - everything will be fast out of the box. Redirecting all your read queries to SSAS will save your transactional relational database from an excessive load too.

Compared to raw MDX + ADOMD.NET, the product greatly simplifies usage of OLAP data in .NET applications by providing an automated marshaling of query parameters and MDX / ADOMD.NET result data structures into object graphs and entity models, as well as by eliminating a need to construct dynamic and type unsafe MDX strings. This is because SSAS Entity Framework Provider allows to use normal .NET variables and method parameters inside type safe LINQ queries.

Compared to either regular LINQ or MDX, SDX LINQ dialect will allow you to develop queries faster, spend less time on their maintenance, learn query language quicker, reuse the same queries and entity models to query relational, multidimensional and in-memory data sources, cover query logic with environment isolated unit tests. (Query reuse and unit testing has some limitations yet).

Less technical people will be able to understand query code, which improves communication between business and IT.
(See example: LINQ vs. LINQ/SDX vs. MDX Comparison)

If you wish to create your business intelligence solution in an Agile test-driven development way, now you can do it.

If you develop reporting solutions for Web and OLAP, and you have .NET developers, SSRS is not your only choice any more - now you can use .NET native managed reporting engines like ActiveReports or XtraReports, or replace reporting engines altogether with solutions that match your architecture, e.g.: ASP.NET MVC 4, Naked Objects MVC, ASP.NET MVP, ASP.NET Dynamic Data Entities, OData Web API / WCF Data Services, WCF Data Services (Silverlight), Syncfusion Essential Chart and DevExpress MVC Extensions Chart with drill down for ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft Chart with drill-down for ASP.NET WebForms, ComponentArt Charts for Silverlight with drill-down, DevExpress MVC Grid View and ASPxGridView in LINQ Server Mode, AgDataGrid for Silverlight (free), DXGrid for Silverlight with LINQ Server Mode, ASP.NET LinqDataSource and ObjectDataSource.
(And of course you can still use SSRS on top of Entity Framework and SSAS with our product if you wish to).

Once your LINQ queries return IEnumerable, you can develop prototypes and simple admin kind of reports in no time using DoddleReport open source tool.

You have .NET developers, but nobody knows OLAP / MDX?
It is not a problem - we can build OLAP cubes for your needs, at the end it will be much faster and cheaper than trying to use RDBMS for reporting and data analysis - these tasks are simply unnatural for relational databases.


( See also When to use SSAS Entity Framework Provider, or what Pivot Table cannot do ).